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NEWS: June 07/2007!
This zine will be going out of print once our current stock is exhausted.

Novel by VR Trakowski.
Tom Daniels is locked up in a secret facility. Walter Attwood and Ray Peterson are on the run. And Sloan Parker and Ed Tate are under surveillance. Can they manage to reunite and find out just what the October deadline for Homos dominant involves?
Price: $24.93 U.S. shipping included.

Taking up where the series left off, "Skein" answers many of the questions left hanging when the series ended: Does Tom escape? What happened to the rest of the team? And what exactly does the new species' deadline mean for the rest of humanity?


Once again he snapped out of a daze. Something had touched the edge of his senses, something familiar. He stared into the darkness, straining his perceptions around him. What was it? It was just... there...

Sloan. He rose to a crouch, almost involuntarily. Sloan was somewhere in the building, somewhere nearby. He grabbed the bars of the cage, gripping them tightly. Was she a prisoner too?

It was hard for him to sort through her tangle of emotions at this distance, harder still to put names to them, but he sagged in relief when he found no hint of panic. She was free, then. And she must be searching for him, judging from the fear, anger, worry, and impatience that were tumbling through her. He was torn among fury at her for endangering herself, and breath-stealing awe, and that strange, sharp-sweet, hurting emotion that he thought must be love.

[Editor's Note: You don't need to be a fan of the series to enjoy this wonderful story.]

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