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Sentinel in Space

Sentinel in Space Cover

NEWS: June 07/2007!
This zine will be going out of print once our current stock is exhausted.

Jim and Blair go into space. Includes Sentinel-themed puzzles/games and cartoons.
Price: $13.36 U.S. shipping included.

  1. "A New Constellation" by Susie
    NASA invites the Sentinel and his Guide to become part of a very special search-and-rescue team.

  2. "Journey Onto Tomorrow" by Eagle Eye
    How do you survive the end of everything you've ever known? Where do you find the hope to begin again?

  3. "Nova Squad" by Yvonne McCool
    It is 2314 and humanity is far flung among the stars. The leaders of Central Command have another mission for a retired strike team who has never failed before.

  4. "Moonbase" by Toshua
    An Army Ranger prowls a new moonbase, discovering that the abilities he's denied and hated are all that stand between life and death for the new colony.

  5. "The First Mother" by Bog
    The descendants of refugees from a devastated Earth return to their homeworld for the first time.

  6. "Generation Ship" by Nightowl
    Over 100 years have passed since the starship Washington began its trip across the void to colonize a new planet. Jim Ellison is the only surviving Sentinel aboard; and as the aging equipment begins to malfunction, Ellison finds himself slowly going insane as his senses also start to fail.

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