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The Left Hand

The Left Hand Cover

Five stories, both het and slash, plus Blackfly's usual cartoons (3) and games (2), and each story has a colour title page. Colour plates are by Helyn Highwater and Jenny Saypaw; colour illustrations by Anukk.
Price: $26.96 U.S. shipping included.

  1. "Prey" by Jenny Saypaw
    (Dracula/Anna) A plan for revenge goes awry.

  2. "Green Tea" by Bog
    (Gabriel/Carl, Gabriel/Dracula implied) Green tea and too little sleep = recipe for disaster.

  3. "When the Wolf-bane Blooms" by Horserider
    (Gabriel/Anna) Gabriel and Anna celebrate their survival.

  4. "The Succubus Affair" by Jenny Saypaw
    (Gabriel/Carl) Our intrepid duo face personal demons.

  5. "Látigo Demonio" by Joe Lawson
    (Gabriel/Carl, Gabriel/Dracula implied) A mission to retrieve an artefact demands a high price.

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