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Jim And Blair Do Canada

Jim and Blair Do Canada Cover

Six stories with Canadian settings and written by Canadian fanfic authors. Also includes Sentinel-themed puzzles/games and small illustrations.
Price: $13.36 U.S. shipping included.

  1. "A Mountie Always Does His Man" by Pumpkin
    How does Jim react to Blair's fantasy for the 'red serge'?

  2. "Discounted" by Stormy
    Jim's ploy to get a reduction on the cost of plane tickets doesn't sit well with Blair.

  3. "Paramours' Canada Blunderland" by Bog
    Obsessed with seducing Blair, Jim fails to notice the maniacal killer stalking them across the Ontario landscape.

  4. "Fire and Ice" by Jenny Saypaw
    Things heat up when Jim and Blair go snow camping in northern Quebec.

  5. "Yours 'Til Niagara Falls" by Bog
    Blair attends his mother's wedding at Niagara Falls.

  6. "The Story of the Blackfly" by Nightowl
    Jim encounters Canada's most irritating pest.

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