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Chinook Vol. 7

Chinook Vol. 7 Cover

A whopping 21 stories from Supernatural, plus a poem and some of Blackfly's usual fun and games. Each story has a colour title page.
Comb-bound, 8.5" x 11".
Price: $34.27 U.S. shipping included.

  1. "Family Comes First" by Rose
    A man out to avenge his brother. Western AU.

  2. "6 Times Sam Wore Dean's Jacket" by Carole Seegraves
    Beginning when Sam was three, a countdown of comfort.

  3. "Days of Thunder" by Vision
    John lets Dean prove that he really can take care of Sammy.

  4. "Rites of Passage" by IMTheresa
    Dean suspects the outcome of Sam's first real hunt is not what John expected.

  5. "No Man Can Tether Time" by James
    Dean drives from one mission to the next. Maybe John will meet him.

  6. "Sop Doll" by black_wingedbird
    It was just a stray cat, but it wanted Dean's pizza.

  7. "Games People Play" by JJJunky
    Sorority sisters unintentionally wake an unhappy spirit.

  8. "Life as We Know It" by Lyn
    Business as usual after a narrow escape.

  9. "My Strength Is Your Weakness" by K Hanna Korossy
    A psychic whose clients die as predicted attracts the notice of the Winchesters.

  10. "Shadows" by J.M. Griffin
    Sam was told to stay in the car. But Dean and Dad were no match for the beast.

  11. "You Can't Stand in the Middle Forever, Dean" by MalantiMage
    Dean could feel his ulcer churn as John and Sam got into it again.

  12. "Bond of Brothers: Visions" by tag
    John doesn't like being left out of the loop.

  13. "Push Comes to Shove" by Swellison
    Dean remembers not to take the easy way out.

  14. "Roadhouse Blues" by Nightowl
    Searching for a possible portal to Hell, Dean and Sam encounter something a bit different....

  15. "Snow Bound" by Joella
    Facing the vengeful spirit of the abandoned is easier than talking.

  16. "Duet in Two Voices" by Francis Todd Garrett
    In a duet, each singer relies on the other. Poem.

  17. "Hell No, Sam" by MalantiMage
    Dean muses to amuse.

  18. "Yo, Rinty" by Marcia Brin
    Dean finds a new best friend.

  19. "Dance Fever" by Brate
    A Native American curse and its cure.

  20. "Yea, Though I Walk Through the Valley" by Kaliope
    A hunt goes bad, and Sam may have to make a terrible choice.

  21. "Hold the Onions" by Alturas
    Some things shouldn't be discussed in public.

  22. "Mismatched Socks" by MalantiMage
    Everyone needs a little help along the way.

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