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Broken Glass

Broken Glass Cover

Eleven stories focused around what happens after the end of the movie; includes a crossword puzzle and each story has a colour title page.
Price: $18.38 U.S. shipping included.

  1. "Conversations with My Conscience" by Dolimir
    Dr. Joe McKay must admit to the temptation he feels.

  2. "Conversations with My Soul" by Dolimir
    Dr. McKay has to make a decision when Simon Molinar comes for him. Companion to "Conversations with My Conscience".

  3. "Conversations with the Devil" by Dolimir
    Who's the devil behind the scenes? Companion to "Conversations with My Conscience" and "Conversations with My Soul".

  4. "Tumbleweeds" by Jean
    McKay and Molinar try to survive while on the run.

  5. "Above All Do No Harm" by Set-Medic
    Dr. McKay seeks help from his mentor.

  6. "Acceptable Negative Parameters" by Set-Medic
    Another conversation between Dr. McKay and his mentor. Companion to "Above All Do No Harm".

  7. "Mind Games" by erinburg
    Crossover with The Sentinel. Blair Sandburg's curiosity about his look-alike leads him into the path of Simon Molinar.

  8. "A View from the Coffin" by Barb Henn
    What is it that gives a vampire nightmares?

  9. "Mom" by Sheena
    Joe McKay seeks peace where he feels most safe and loved.

  10. "Dilemma" by LilyK
    Crossover with 24. Has Kevin Carroll come to save Joe McKay? Or to betray him?

  11. "Blooded" by CJ
    What happens when a much younger vampire invades Simon Molinar's territory? Will those marked by Molinar survive the confrontation?

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