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The Rescue Series

The Rescue Series Cover

A Due South/Highlander slash crossover novel by Angelise.
Surprises lead to despair, and it's up to Dewey and Duncan MacLeod to rescue Fraser and RayK from themselves. Pairings are Dewey/MacLeod and Fraser/RayK.
Comb-bound in 5.5" x 8.5" format.
Price: $16.36 U.S. shipping included.

Rescue Me

Ray makes the decision to share a secret with Fraser. Little does he know that Fraser also has a secret to share with him.

To the Rescue

While enjoying a quiet evening supper with his Scottish lover, Detective Tom Dewey is called upon to rescue a friend. Imagine his surprise when he actually discovers who that friend is.

Rescue Accomplished

Fraser confesses a different secret to his partner, and Ray does his very best to accommodate his needs.


Lieutenant Welsh shares his thoughts on the matter.

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