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Horizontal Mosaic Vol. 12

Horizontal Mosaic Vol. 12 Cover

Nine stories (including poetry) plus the usual fun and games; each story has a colour title page.
Price: $20.08 U.S. shipping included.

  1. "Break and Enter" by Lianne Burwell
    Once a Thief - (Vic/Mac). Mac finds some great blackmail material.

  2. "The Sorry Road" by Lyn
    Without a Trace - (Danny/Martin). On a hard journey, you need a friend.

  3. "Something to Live For" by Bardd
    Airwolf - (Hawke/Archangel). Hawke has an epiphany about what - and whom - he needs.

  4. "Conflagration: Masked Man" by Bog
    Multi-Media/Fan. Poetry inspired by Fannish activities.

  5. "Accidentally by Design" by Jenny Saypaw
    The Sentinel - (Jim/Blair). AU. A desperate, lost sentinel is found.

  6. "Lattice" by James
    Stargate: Atlantis - (Radek/Rodney). Rodney should have gone to Teyla first.

  7. "Starting the Journey Over" by Bog
    Lord of the Rings - (Legolas/Gimli). Jealous Elves and stubborn Dwarves are a match made in Lothlórien. Sequel to "New Paths" in Horizontal Mosaic Vol. 11.

  8. "Mine" by Jenny Saypaw
    Demon Under Glass - (Simon/Joe). Joe finds Simon's retreat a little chilly at first.

  9. "Ruffled Emotions" by Angelise
    Starsky and Hutch - (Starsky/Hutch). An accident, a revelation and a ruffled shirt.

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